Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle!

There is no perfect formula for a happy life, but its a culmination of many formulas. As with anything in life you cant do just one thing in your life, it has to be a combination, and the more people you have in your life the easier it will be. If you want to talk about something talk with the people that will listen to you. Usually, those are the same people that care about you, but it can also be somebody new that can help you see life in a new perspective. The important thing is to not keep thoughts to yourself.

Make sure you have an active life. Pursue your hobbies, take up sports, follow your artistic calling, or try something new. Life is full of opportunities waiting to be grabbed!

Become an Assertive Teen

– Expresses personal likes and dislikes
– Feels comfortable making personal decisions
– Agrees to disagree or compromise
– Can say “NO”
– Stands up to others
– Doesn’t let people take advantage of their kindness, skills, or personal belongings
– Respects others and in return gets respect
– Back to the top

Develop Healthy Personal Boundaries

– Choose who you want to share your “personal stuff” with
– Stand by your personal values and rights
– Notice when someone is disrespectful to you or taking advantage of you
– Listen to the advice of others and then decide if you will follow it or carry on with your own decision
– Maintain a healthy sense of privacy
– Decide who can touch you and where they can touch you
– Be aware of your personal space and how close you will allow others to be
– Pay attention to your need to have some quiet time alone or with someone that you feel comfortable being around

yes and no

Some appropriate responses to use when your boundaries are not respected:

– “NO” (it is not selfish to say NO)
– “Don’t touch me.”
– “I don’t want to talk about this with you.”
– “I can’t be your friend anymore because I don’t feel that you respect me.”
– “If you don’t stop this behavior I am leaving.”
– Leave the room
– Refuse to read a note
– Screen your phone calls
– Don’t return phone calls

Positive Self-talk

When you are feeling scared or anxious, it helps to think positive thoughts about yourself. This might be hard because you’ve probably been thinking bad thoughts for a long time.
You might find it easier if you write down some positive thoughts so that you can remember them when you need them.

Here are some examples:

– “I can handle this.”
– “It might be scary but I can get through it.”
– “I’m okay the way I am.”
– “I will do my best and not worry about what others think.”
– “It’s okay to make mistakes.”
– “People love me for who I am.”
– “I have friends who care about me.”
– “I’ll be okay, this is just a feeling. It will go away.”
– “Other people have been through this and they made it.”

lifeSelf Esteem What you should do and what you should not:


– Worry so much about what people think of you
– Question your basic worth as a human being
– Blame yourself when things go wrong in your life
– Accept inappropriate blame that others try to put on you
– Compare yourself to others


– Give yourself permission to fail
– Keep being yourself
– Expect to make mistakes
– Treat yourself like you are a worthwhile person
– Give yourself credit for your personal achievements
– Acknowledge your natural talents

About the Author

My name is Josefa R. Christie and I have been a fighter for suicide prevention since I was a teenager. For me, every life is equally important and I want to help you understand that and hear your story.